Rent A Toll ® executives have more than 70 combined years of experience in the tolling, travel and IT industries. Rent A Toll understands the unique challenges drivers incur with Electronic Toll Collection, Open Road Tolling and Cashless Toll Collection. We provide the brightest and most professional employees to work with clients and implement customized toll payment solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Our focus is eliminating costly toll fines, penalties and legal fees for our clients.

About Us

Rent A Toll® is a toll technology solutions innovator in the travel and transportation industry focused on providing convenient electronic toll solutions that eliminate toll violation exposure, reduce costs, and eliminate costly toll fines. Founded in 2004, the company launched its solution with the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc in Sept 2006. Since that time, Rent A Toll has continued to expand by adding other independent car rental companies, truck rental and fleet leasing companies to its client base.

Using its patented web-based technology solutions, Rent A Toll integrates the exchange of electronic data between clients and the respective toll authorities and eliminates toll violations penalties, fees, and administrative costs. Rent A Toll has developed the first and only patented solution (U.S. Patent 7407097) for car and truck rental and business fleets. A second patent (U.S. Patent 7501961) that supports the company’s technology has been approved. In addition, Rent A Toll® has 14 patents pending in support of its technology.