Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rent A Toll?

Rent A Toll® is a technology services company focused on providing electronic toll payment solutions for car rental companies and their clients, fleet leasing companies, and corporate fleet managers. These solutions allow drivers to use electronic toll collection or open road cashless tolling lanes without the risk of incurring violations, penalties and fees. Rent A Toll’s web-based technology solutions let drivers access toll roads by integrating the exchange of electronic toll data between car rental agencies, or corporate fleet operator and the toll authorities. 

Where is Rent A Toll available?

Rent A Toll is currently available in 22 states throughout the USA and Puerto Rico. Rent A Toll continually adds new states depending on its clients’ needs. Click the map for a larger version.

What makes Rent A Toll different from the competition?

  • Customization – Rent A Toll® gains an understanding of each customer’s systems and processes, then develops solutions to meet those needs.
  • Patented Process – Rent A Toll® is the only company in the Industry with a patented process (U.S Patents 7501961 and 7407097). Applying for and receiving patents demonstrates the company’s innovation and its ability to provide customers with reliable solutions.
  • Size – Over one million vehicles in both the fleet and rental car industries are currently serviced by Rent A Toll®.
  • Client Satisfaction – Working closely with customers, Rent A Toll ensures that expectations are met and exceeded. Clients respond positively to Rent A Toll’s proactive and timely response to their inquiries.
  • Relationships – Rent A Toll® develops relationships with toll authorities as well as clients to build strong public/private partnerships to help customers save money.


What are the Rent A Toll benefits?

Rent A Toll electronic toll payment solutions provide many benefits for fleet managers, car rental car companies and toll authorities, including:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Generation of incremental revenues
  • Elimination of costly fines, civil penalties or legal fees
  • Improved mobility
  • Environmental responsibility that results in a reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved safety

The table below identifies just a few of the Rent A Toll benefits.

Car Renter

Rental Car Agency

Toll Authority

3rd Party Leased Vehicles (Fleet)

No long lines or wasted time at toll booths

Creating competitive advantage

Major revenue recovery

Better expense management

No scrambling for loose change at toll booths

Increased shareholder value

Increased prepaid tolls

Easy monitoring of employee toll spending

Single consolidated toll receipt for expenses

Improved car rental experience

Reduced demand for manned toll booths

Increased employee productivity


Improved brand equity

Reduced traffic congestion at toll booths

Economies of scale

Ease of use

Reduced pursuit of customers for toll violations

Reduced violation processing costs

Improved employee morale


What is Pass24® ?

Pass24 is a prepaid toll service that car renters can select at time of rental to be assured of unlimited tolling for one low daily or weekly fee. Pass24 works on all cashless toll roads and traditional toll roads, so drivers can use the roads without worrying about incurring penalties or fees for not paying the toll. When you return your rental car, the Pass24 service fee is itemized on your car rental receipt so there is never a delay in processing business expenses. Pass24 service is available only at selected car rental agencies.


How much does Pass24® cost ?

The cost of the Pass24 service varies by city. Please ask your rental agent for more information about the cost of Pass24 in the city in which you are renting a car.


Is Pass24® a mandatory service?

No, Pass24 service is optional. If you agree to the service (Opt-In), the applicable charges are added to your rental receipt. It is important to remember that you are responsible for all tolls that may occur during your rental. Because certain toll authorities have cashless tolling operations that preclude cash transactions, adding Pass24 to your car rental contract can eliminate exposure to toll violations penalties or fees and expedite you to your destination. Please be sure to ask your rental agent if there are any cashless toll roads where you plan to travel.