Rent A Toll® provides custom electronic toll payment solutions that reduced cost, improve productivity, generate incremental revenue and eliminate toll violations penalties and fees. Contact us for a complimentary review of your tolling program and get started on eliminating toll violation for your company.


Rent A Toll has developed electronic toll payment solutions for car rental, truck rental and business fleets that can be customized to meet their unique customer needs. Using proprietary software, vehicle information is matched against toll usage captured by either video or transponders. Rent A Toll then acts as an intermediary between the toll authority and client to validate all toll usage and processes transactions.
By managing client companies’ toll-related expenses, our customized toll payment solutions eliminate toll violations and guarantee payment to toll authorities. Rent A Toll’s solutions save time, lower costs, and improve cash flow,

Here are the differences that separate Rent A Toll for the completion:

  • Customization – Rent A Toll® gains an understanding of each customer’s systems and processes, then develops solutions to meet their needs.
  • Patented Process – Rent A Toll® is the only company in the industry with a patented process. Applying for and receiving patents demonstrates our commitment to innovation and our ability to provide customers with reliable solutions.
  • Size – Over one million vehicles in both the fleet and rental car are processed by Rent A Toll annually.
  • Client Satisfaction – Working closely with customers, Rent A Toll ensures that expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Clients have responded positively to our proactive and timely response to customer inquiries.
  • Relationships – Rent A Toll® develops relationships with toll authorities as well as clients to build strong public/private partnerships to help clients save money and implement best-in-class toll solutions.