Fleet Solutions

“Decreasing drive time speeds deliveries and makes your company more profitable.”

Rent A Toll’s Transponder Management Program, Rent A Tag™, saves time, improves cash flow and helps customers manage and reduce toll expenses. Toll roads, bridges and tunnels that use electronic toll collection (ETC), open road tolling (ORT) or cashless tolling are typically less congested and, therefore, faster.

Rent A Toll manages the purchase, fulfillment, funding and replacement of transponders for clients, eliminating the burden on fleet personnel to monitor the whereabouts and status of toll transponders, fund the accounts, and spend valuable time and resources sorting through hundreds, or even thousands, of paper violations.

RENT A TAG™ Benefits:

  • Eliminates all toll penalties and fines
  • Reduces administrative resources used to review violations and process payments
  • Eliminates up-front capital costs required to purchase transponders and prepay tolls
  • Eliminates the monthly transponder rental and bill statement expense for clients currently managing transponders on a corporate or individual driver basis
  • Eliminates vehicle registration holds that result from unpaid toll fines
  • Consolidates all toll costs into a single monthly billing statement to simplify internal accounting practices
  • Provides enhanced reporting and transaction usage
  • Eliminates the need to manage toll expenses on a personal or company credit card
  • Reduces travel time and increases driver safety
  • Reduces a company’s carbon footprint
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TOLLPORT™ Violation Avoidance Program

This program ensures that all fleet vehicles managed by the client directly will avoid penalties or fees if there is a transponder failure while driving on the toll road. CLICK HERE for more details.