Parking, Red Light and Other Vehicle Violation Processing

From inception, providing convenient, prepaid tolling solutions that eliminate violation exposure and reduce operational costs have been the cornerstone of Rent A Toll®’s business strategy. Tolls account for more than 50 percent of fleet violations, and with the continued growth of all-electronic toll collection, these numbers will continue to escalate. What about the other half of the violation spectrum? Rent A Toll® can help there too. Toll roads aren’t the only networks moving toward the nation’s ever-growing digital world. Car renters and fleet drivers can also rack up some hefty charges with red light and parking tickets.

With cities ticketing record numbers of violators, it’s no wonder these violations account for most of the other half of today’s violation costs. New in 2013, a preferred services agreement between Violation Management Services, Ltd. and Rent A Toll®’s was implemented to provide back end support of Rent A Toll®’s violation management solution. Working closely together, our two companies provide a seamless process to help both fleet and rental car companies eliminate the headache of violation processing and cost recovery and drive down operational fleet costs.

Here’s how it works:

 Rent A Toll® works as the intermediary between the fleet or car rental company and toll authority or local municipality. Our proven solutions and expertise help reduce fleet costs by proactively managing toll, parking and red light violations and the associated costs that can accrue with client fleets. Rent A Toll® consolidates all toll charges and includes parking and red light violation costs into one weekly invoice for easy reference. Clients can also upload this information into their fleet management software and provide their customers with timely and accurate billing information.

This process can be added to an existing Rent A Toll® account or can be included in any new custom solution package to fit your specific needs.