Rental Car Customer Solution

Car Renters Dilemma.

Car renters have long been frustrated with waiting in line to pay tolls or not having access express toll lanes. Some car renters have experienced costly toll fines, penalties and fees for not paying tolls. Other car renters find themselves on “Cashless Toll Roads” that have eliminated toll payment by cash and there is no option for them to pay the toll. Now, Rent A Toll® has resolved these problems with its prepaid tolling service called Pass24®.

How does Pass24® work?

Pass24® is a prepaid toll service option that provides car renters with 24-hours of unlimited access to toll roads for one low price. All tolls are included in your daily or weekly fee. Customers must select Pass24 at the time of the rental. Pass24 service is offered in selected markets and the price varies by city. Most car rental companies offer a low daily and weekly rate.

Customers who choose Pass24 can avoid waiting in long toll lines to pay tolls, fumbling for the correct change, worrying about toll penalties or admin fees when traveling on toll roads. Just follow the appropriate toll authority signs that indicate “Express Toll Service Only” and obey all posted speed limits. For additional information ask your car rental agent for a Pass24 brochure that describes the program in your city.

Upon returning your rental car, the Pass24 service is itemized on your receipt and there are no other additional toll charges or fees processed on your credit card after the contact is closed.


Pass 24 is available only at selected car rental company locations.