Toll Authority Solution

Toll Authorities spend millions of dollars and exhaust valuable time and resources attempting to collect violations from car rental companies or third-party-leased vehicles. Rent A Toll® integrates the exchange of electronic toll data between the car rental and fleet leasing companies and toll authorities. Using our patented web-based technology, Rent A Toll® matches toll usage data captured by either video or transponder with the fleet vehicle file we provide to the toll authority, then pays 100% of all validated toll usage on a daily basis. Rent A Toll® utilizes a secured file protocol transfer (SFPT) system to exchange information between toll authorities. This flexible platform allows Rent A Toll® to receive information in a number of different formats and provide reporting capabilities to meet the needs of various toll authorities.

Benefits to Toll Authorities:

  • Guaranteed toll payments on all client vehicles
  • Flexible IT platform for easy interface
  • Increased toll revenues and improved bottom line results
  • Reduced toll violation collection costs
  • Improved customer satisfaction